Sunday, January 26, 2014

Can it be? It's been 4+ years!

Gosh. So much has happend in the past 4+ years. Some has been good, some not so good. 2010 and 2011 saw me floundering, creating very little art. 2012 came along and my health took a nasty turn.
I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (an autoimmune disease). One of the syptoms of A.S. is Uveitis/Iritis. Uveitis is pretty painful. It causes the retinas to swell and inflicts irrepairable damage to the eye.

Due to the massive amounts of steroids and other treatments to control my Uveitis flares, I became legally blind. One of the worst things for an artist to endure. As you can imagine, my soul took a big hit.

2013 presented itself with a small amount of hope and new surgeons. Wait...let me rephrase that, WONDERFUL new surgeons! After several injections, implants and two eye surgeries, 2014 allows me to see well enough close up to be able to begin creating art again. I'm hoping at some point to regain some distance vision, but am totally thrilled to be able to see anything at this point. Even if it's only 12 inches from my face!

My Uveitis is currently in remission. I've taken up knitting and crochet again, started soaping, felting and experimenting with poly clay. Life is good at this point. I'm taking things day by day.