Friday, January 23, 2009


Alrighty then, I've been tagged by Jennifer, of Gypsy Mare Studios.
Jen's lovely blog can be found at:
This is my first time being 'tagged'. I see I should reveal 6 random things about myself. Here goes:
#1 I'm a bit of a 'night owl'. Sometimes by choice, sometimes not.
#2 Horses...LOVE them! Always have, always will. I didn't have the means or $$$ to own a horse until I was 40 years of age.
#3 I don't mind spending time alone. I actually enjoy it very much, but I'm not anti-social.
#4 I can be a perfectionist...'nuf said!
#5 I would have loved to become a Veterinarian. With the number of animals living here, I've learned to take care of alot on my own. That includes vaccinating and worming my horses, helping mares during foaling, treating and binding all sorts of wounds + sprains.
#6 I have rather eclectic tastes as far as music goes...if I like it, I'll turn it up! Music can really inspire me while painting. Now, off to find someone else to tag!


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Thanks for playing along!
I loved reading your 6 and have a few in common. Actually I think I have nearly all of them in common except that I had to sell my horse to buy a house. Someday I will have one again, ((sigh)).

allhorsestuff said...

Nice to know all those things..I have a lot in common with you

Ingrid said...

Thanks very much for asking me to play along! =0)

Ingrid said...

Hi KK...'Washashe' is lovely. Thanks for visiting! =0)

artbyakiko said...

Hi Ingrid! You are given an Art Blog Award. Come get it.:)

Ingrid said...

Many thanks Akiko! =0)