Friday, November 28, 2008 first blog entry!

OK, so I've entered into the world of blogging. I have resisted starting a blog until now because~ #1: I am somewhat technologically challenged (LOL) and #2: I'm a pretty busy gal. Who knows though, I may end up being here 'updating' more often than I think. I do look forward to the opportunity to share my art and designs with a larger audience.

So, with this in of the important things going on the next two months, will be my participation with A4C (ie: Art For Critters) to raise funds for several deserving charities. As a group of caring, talented, animal loving artists, we are hosting a special project this month named "Home for the Holidays".

I've selected to paint a few dogs from 'Old Dog Haven'. The little guy in the photo above is one of them. His name is Eyore. Cute fellow, isn't he? I couldn't resist painting him. Old Dog Haven is a favorite charity of mine. They rescue and re-home older canines in need. A portion of the sale of my art will go to ODH. To view my art (and other great A4C art) currently offered on a search for ODHN, or A4C. My eBay ID is: fjord_and_friesian. Thanks so much for taking a peek!


Linda said...

This is so adorable, Ingrid

Ingrid said...

Thank you Linda! I'm having fun blogging so far.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Oopsie, you might get this one twice cuz the system hiccupped!
Ingrid, your work is amazing! and even better, you have dedicated it to such a great cause! Thank you so much for what you do for these little ones.